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Order And Cleanliness In Your Store

Order And Cleanliness In Your Store

Did you know that 64% of 500 consumers have left a store because it was untidy? Put order and cleanliness in your store. Every fifth person would not return to a store because its restrooms are dirty.

Also, this is according to “The State of Brick & Mortar Retail Report”, a study by the Service Channel company, which points out that 70% of consumers have had a bad experience in a store.

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More than a competitive advantage


The shopping experience has become an indispensable factor for retailers. And the fact is that 69% of consumers are less likely to return to a store after having a bad experience.

In addition, the real problem is that many retailers have neglected the most basic concepts within a store, the ones that actually “matter most to consumers.”

Take care of the order and organization of your store

One in three consumers claim to have encountered a dirty restroom in the past six months; one in five would not return to a store because their restrooms were dirty, and one in four would return to a store because the restrooms were clean. We recommend our next post: Shelves And Racks: Organize Your Products.


In addition, eighty-six percent of consumers say they spend more time in clean, organized and well-designed stores. Also, consumers are three times more likely to make an impulse purchase in a store.

Finally, Meet the basic needs of a store


It is essential to offer wifi and mobile app services that support omnichannel, but before thinking about going a step further with augmented reality implementations or virtual fitting rooms, it is important to cover the basic needs of a store. We recommend our next post: Effective Tips To Keep Your Business Clean 2022


Four out of five consumers prefer a clean store to a store that prioritizes technology services, and two out of three think retailers focus too much on technology and not on basic needs. 

In addition, hire a cleaning service in glendale heights. You need to occupy your time in other equally important aspects. We recommend our next post: Cleaning Influences The Development Of The Company

Finally, Quick Cleaning is the service you need. We have highly trained personnel to execute any task.

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