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Effective Cleaning Tips for a great Airbnb Apartment

Effective Cleaning Tips for a great Airbnb Apartment

These days, the modality of the Airbnb apartment has become more popular among many people who travel. Instead of booking a hotel room, the person just looks to rent a house for a few days to stay. So, one of the things that enters the top list of an Airbnb listing is cleaning. When you start your Airbnb service, if you want to get clients, you need your place to look clean and tidy. These two words translated directly into the guest’s comfort and satisfaction. Then, cleaning it yourself of hiring an Airbnb cleaning service in Chicago is something you should never skip. Here are some effective cleaning tips for a great Airbnb apartment in Chicago.

Clean Dust

Though dust is used to lay over things that are not normally used, it can also happen that there can be dust in a place where people just lived in. As we all know, dust can be everywhere.

So, once they leave the place, you need to check every part of your house to clean your place. You can begin from top to bottom. This is especially important because there are many people that are allergic to dust. And what if you have rented your house, but the person gets sick for all the dust? 

You don’t want that kind of trouble, or someone else to spend their vacations sick. So, you need to eliminate these dust particles. Or, also you can hire an Airbnb Turnover Cleaning in Chicago to be more meticulous.


One thing that affects a lot of people upon entering a place is the smell of it. Sometimes the people who are inside do not realize. But once they leave the place, the smell is strong and can disturb some people. Nobody wants to rent a place where the odor is strong. Then, one of the first things you need to do is to open all the windows. So, you will be removing odors left behind by the guests. Be sure that your place is constantly receiving proper ventilation to have an overall good air quality. Your future guests will very much appreciate it.

Visit the kitchen

Effective Cleaning Tips for a great Airbnb Apartment visit the kitchen

Something great about renting an Airbnb apartment or house is that they have their own kitchen. So, when guests stay there, they will use it for many things. For that matter, one thing you should always do is to clean the kitchen once the guest has gone.

But do not only focus on cleaning the kitchen per se. You need to check all the cabinets (in case there is some food stored) or the refrigerator as well. 

It can be terrible to open up your fridge and finding a week-old salad. Not only the condition of that salad, but the odor is probably terrible. You should always check inside every place. Likewise, try to eliminate the odor of the fridge by placing tea bags inside it.

Pay attention to the bathroom

If you want to get a definitely positive review from your guest, your bathroom needs to be cleaned. This will influence your guest’s decision strongly. Having a bathroom clean and tidy is probably a good sign for the rest of the house. So, remember to clean it thoroughly. Remember every place in it, like the shower heads or windows inside. People may sometimes leave toothpaste marks in any glass or mirror, and it can give a bad image. To avoid your future guest and unpleasant experience, clean them well. In case you don’t know exactly how, you can rub it with half a lemon along with a clean cloth. This will remove any marks on it.

The importance of cleaning your Airbnb!

So, having a cleaning Airbnb service is one of the top requirements for your place to get a lot of possible guests and tourists. If you are looking to expand and get positive reviews, you need to pay attention on how to clean your place. On the other hand, you can as well hire a professional cleaning service to do the job for you if you find it too challenging. Having an extra help is not a bad thing, but a good advantage for your overall service.