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Cleaning Tips for Seasoned Hosts

Cleaning Tips for Seasoned Hosts

Cleaning for your Airbnb is something that requires careful planning. It isn’t like a normal cleaning day. Why? Airbnb is a hosting service that has standards. People opt on renting one of these instead of a hotel due to the accessible price and that home feeling. Spring is a great season to rent one such as these. So, if you’re an owner that is listing their property, we have some cleaning tips for seasoned hosts today. Read on to learn what to clean and how to clean to make your Airbnb rise up the ranks.

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Clean as if you were renting the property

The first and most important thing you have to do is think like the guest. What does the guest want? What do they need? What are they going to notice more? If you have the answer to all those questions the cleaning will be easier and faster. If you want to know when the house is ready ask yourself, “would you rent it?”. When the answer is yes, you’re good to go. Clean from top to bottom. Go through every room and get the feeling of them. Once you feel they’re up to your standards then the property is ready to get listed again.

Cleaning Tips for Host
Cleaning Tips for Airbnb Hosting

Take care of sensitive areas and things

As a seasoned host, you already know what guests keep an eye out for. The bathrooms, towels, blankets, the kitchen. These things and places need to be kept in perfect condition. Most of the bad reviews you can see on the platform are due to these things. When looking at other properties you can notice what people care about. Try to take care of all of these things before listing the property again. Especially during spring. It is a perfect season to put listings up. If yours is in top-notch condition then you’ll be great.
These are our cleaning tips for seasoned hosts. Keep your property up to Airbnb’s standards and you’ll see that income flow real fast.