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Feeling At Ease In The Office

Feeling At Ease In The Office

In the first place, being eight hours a day in the office forces us to create a work environment that promotes physical and emotional well-being. Light, color and harmony are the best allies to organize it and the factors that influence our work. It is important Feeling At Ease In The Office.

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Psychologists and architects agree that the work environment is as important as the home, since a poorly planned office affects the worker’s attitude towards the tasks, hinders their performance and can cause physical and emotional discomfort. 

In addition, the key is to provide ourselves with a bright, inspiring and organized work environment that we like and, above all, that favors individual and team performance.

External factors

Environmental conditions condition the overall well-being of the individual. Also, the worker is influenced by external factors specific to the work scenario. The best known, from the perspective of organizational psychology, are ergonomics, lighting, color, noise and temperature.

In addition, poor interaction with these factors can lead to the well-known occupational diseases: back and lumbar and musculoskeletal injuries, repetitive strain injuries.




An inadequate office environment can also lead to frustration, apathy and fatigue. When the mood deteriorates, the quality and quantity of production decreases. Also, on the other hand, balance is the key to decorating work environments: quality furniture, open and innovative design, natural light, color schemes and optimal ventilation create a motivating whole that influences performance.


 We have to decorate the office without trends interfering with comfort and always focus on functionality.

Another important point is cleanliness to feel comfortable in the office. In addition, give a hygienic place to your collaborators and avoid the stress of dirt.

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