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Cleaning The Windows On Rainy Days

Cleaning The Windows On Rainy Days

In the first place, one of the things we cannot control is the weather, and when it rains we have no choice but to watch the water fall. Cleaning windows on rainy days. Also, the rain usually wets the windows of our company or our car, leaving marks when it dries. 

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Cleaning windows in the rain: What is the advantage?

When we clean the windows on a sunny day, the heat and the sun help the water or window cleaning product to evaporate more quickly, leaving grooves or stains from the wipes.

However, if we clean the windows on rainy or cloudy days, we have the advantage that the window cleaning product will dry little by little, with the air, and will not leave any trace of the passes of the cloth. Therefore, the result is visibly more impeccable


Correct cleaning of the glass

  • First we must clean the frame of the window, so that later it does not release dirt and it returns again to the glass. Also, to do this we use a well wrung out damp cloth.
  • Second we move on to the magic window-cleaning mixture: water with a little vinegar!
    We will apply this mixture to the glass with a cloth and making circles on the surface.
  • After cleaning, the key to leave no trace is drying. It is best to use microfiber cloths or newspaper, any cleaning material that does not release lint or particles.
  • Finally and very important: We must always try to let the window dry without direct sunlight, because the heat will make the water evaporate faster and leave marks.

Also, another important point is cleanliness to feel comfortable in the office. In adittion, give a hygienic place to your collaborators and avoid the stress of dirt.

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