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Tips To Up Your Hosting Game

Tips To Up Your Hosting Game

Every single industry in this life is full of competition. Every single one. That is a fact. Whether it is the food or entertainment industry, all of them have competitors. The hosting industry isn’t an exception. Especially in these past years. When it comes to hosting, there are a lot of things that can make a difference between a good and a bad property. Today we tell you some tips to up your hosting game. Follow them if you want to get more guests inside your property throughout the year.

Be honest

If there is one thing that guests love is honesty. When people look at listings they want to see everything from there in person. If you have a picture of a beautiful house full of landscaping but then your actual house doesn’t have it, that can be bad. Being honest will make you have more guests all over the year. Why? Because they already know what to expect.

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Be flexible

Sometimes time is against guests and checking in or checking out can take more time than it is needed. Try to be flexible with them. You can establish tolerance of 1 or 2 hours depending on the situation and your bookings. But always try to offer some room for them to check in and check out.

Be talkative

Both in person and online. If there is something that guests love is a host that is active everywhere. Be it when posting on forums or even answering some questions and/or complaints. Try to always be active on every single platform and you’ll see your guests happy to come back for more.

Tips To Up Your Hosting Game

Give a tour

If you want to be an even more attentive host, make a guided tour around the house with them. Sometimes guests arrive without knowing where anything is. If you guide them through, they’ll feel safer and even better when staying there. This is one of the most important tips to up your hosting game.
And there you have them. Follow them to make your guests feel at home inside your property. You’ll see those 5 stars flowing in no time.

Overpromise and Underdeliver

This is something that everyone should apply. Even to their day-to-day tasks or work. In the world of Airbnb hosting, everyone is looking to be the #1 in the listings. Yet, it is a steep climb and it can take years to actually reach it. And even on top, it requires a lot of effort to maintain that spot. However, that doesn’t mean it’ll be impossible. One thing that can really help you is to not overpromise and underdeliver. Most people put the greatest pictures on their listings but some others also go and offer things that they don’t have. Avoid this at all costs. If you do it, you may actually harm your rating. Never, ever, promise things that you will not deliver. People don’t like this. If it happens, they’ll end up disappointed and might never come back.

Communicate Often

We already mentioned that being talkative and being present online makes a huge difference. However, that shouldn’t stop there. Try to make a good habit of following up with your guests. You can send them a message every morning and at the end of the day to see if they have everything they need. This is good because guests love when hosts are attentive. This goes a long way and can actually make a huge difference between all the others hosts around. Also, make note of not over-communicating. Some guests like privacy so always get a feel of how your guests are before you do the extra. Some like it, some don’t.

Accomodate food preferences

Nowadays, people have changed their eating habits. Some people now only eat vegan food, whereas others might have some allergies. One good thing that you can do to get some extra points is get the food organized depending on those preferences. You can have different parts of the pantry organized for every person. Or at least for the common diets. Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and so on. This will net you some good points with your guests and they will love that.

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Give bell services

This is more for leaving a good first impression but well, that is another of the tips to up your hosting game. If you offer bell services, akin to those you’ll find in a hotel, you could earn yourself some good points. So, what you can do is wait for the guests to arrive and carry their luggage where they need it to be. You don’t need to wear a uniform so at least that’s good. Yet, you can always try and make something extra for them. They will appreciate that.

Provide information about the area

Speaking of hotel-like services, if you’ve ever gone to a hotel lately, you know that concierges do this. Do you want midnight sushi? They know where to get it. Try to do this too. Inform yourself about the local area before your guests arrive. Telling them about things they can find goes a long way. While some people plan their activities ahead of time, some just wing it and want to explore. For the latter, try to give them some good information about restaurants, things to do, and things to see.
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Offer refreshments

Depending on the travel time, some people might arrive tired or hungry. Offer some refreshments as soon as they arrive. Some people like to snack or drink some water while you are giving them a quick tour. Another thing you can do as well. So, just keep things close to them as they arrive and they’ll feel like they’re stepping into a 5-star hotel with the amenities and feel of a house.

Keep things clean

This goes without saying but cleaning for an Airbnb is paramount. All people without exception like having a clean place when they arrive. And throughout all the stay as well. That is why we always recommend that you keep your property clean. You can either do the cleaning or hire a cleaning service. Whichever you prefer. But, whatever happens, never let the cleaning go by.

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Keep the house up to the season's trends

Be it summer or winter, it is important to have the house decorated accordingly. Nowadays, more than ever, people love to book a vacation getaway for Christmas. In that case, we always recommend putting up the necessary decorations. If you do that, people will be happy and feel a lot more at home.

Do some late activities

Depending on the type of guests, you can organize some things for them. Especially for those who are considered leisure guests and stay at Airbnb for a lot of time. You can do things like tea parties or even a book club. The activities will depend on your creativity. However, it is important that you always think outside the box. For this and for all the things we mentioned before. So, make sure to always look for ways to up your hosting game. Your guests will be happy and your property will reach the top.

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