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Airbnb Misconceptions

Airbnb Misconceptions

In the world of hosting there are a lot of myths surrounding it. As a host or a guest, putting a property up or renting one might be scary. There is a lot of information flying around that most of us don’t know how true that is. Well, as a company that has cleaned countless Airbnb properties we can tell you a few of the Airbnb misconceptions out there. So, buckle up and read on to learn everything about them.


One of the most common Airbnb misconceptions is parties. People think that the hosting business is all about properties being used for big parties. While some might be, it depends on the host. As a host, you can profile the people getting inside your property before allowing them to rent. This is good because you have more control over everyone that enters.

Common Airbnb Misconceptions

The world situation reduced Airbnb's business

On the contrary, it is now more used than ever. In the past, before Airbnb was this big, we only had hotels. Now, Airbnb has opened the doors (no pun intended) to a lot more options. In the current situation, people prefer to rent a property because it is safer. In a hotel, they have regulations, yes. But hotels are bigger. An Airbnb property is easier to manage, clean, and keep safe.

Getting into the hosting business is easy

Yes and no. While you can register your property, being successful is a whole other story. You need a lot of requirements to achieve 5 stars and to get that coveted Superhost title. It isn’t impossible but it is a hard way and a long climb.

Airbnb Misconceptions

Cleaning costs are included in the rent fees

False. Hosts won’t charge you for the cleaning they do. They only charge for the stay and that’s it. Hosts are the ones that pay for the cleaning outside of your fees as a guest. While some do the cleaning themselves, some get some long-term rental cleaning services. This is how properties are kept clean and in great condition.
So, now that you know everything about Airbnb, do not be afraid of listing or renting. It is worth it! Especially with Summer around the corner!