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Window Cleaning Techniques At Height

Window Cleaning Techniques At Height

Every day we find more and more buildings with large windows in which the cleaning of windows at height is a fundamental task. The store windows and windows of stores that are at street level and only have one floor are not too complicated to polish. That is why this post talks about window cleaning techniques at height.

When do we need a window cleaning at height?

Office cleaning will be more complicated if they have huge and high windows. To make this cleaning job easier, it is best to rely on cleaning companies specialized in window cleaning at height.

Now that we know what we need. It is normal that we consider what kind of professional cleaning our windows require and how often they should be polished. The first thing we have to do is to select among numerous cleaning agencies which one is the most convenient for us. 


Window cleaning techniques at height


The method and tools for cleaning glass at height that we hire will always depend on how high and accessible the windows are. Also, it will not be the same to polish the windows of a three-story office as it will be to polish the windows of one of the tallest skyscrapers in Chicago.

In addition, there are very long poles that allow us to access even 20 meters high. 

Therefore, when we think about how to wash high windows. Also, we do not always have to imagine workers hanging from the facade. When it is possible to polish the windows from the ground, we will use this technique, as it is the one that involves the least risk.


These cranes have a very long and extendable arm capable of raising the operator in charge of cleaning windows at height to a quite considerable level. In addition, they are available in different sizes, but can reach more than 24 meters.

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