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Dynamics For Teamwork In The Office

Dynamics For Teamwork In The Office

Teamwork is one of the values promoted by conscious companies, aware of the good results that this performance model generates at individual and corporate level. Do you use teamwork dynamics in your company? These are dynamics for teamwork in the office.

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What is teamwork and what does it involve?

Teamwork creates familiarity and trust in professionals, making all members of the company feel part of a project and a higher purpose than their individual interests. In this way, teamwork boosts the motivation of human capital, reinforces their commitment and involvement, enhances the feeling of belonging and identity and increases the creativity of employees, making the results of the group better than the sum of the individual work of the different collaborators.

Techniques and exercises to promote teamwork

First, there are many dynamics for teamwork with which, through enjoyable activities, different collaborative aspects can be strengthened. In addition, these are some of them:

Under pressure:

To enhance the responsiveness of teams in high-stress contexts, a highly recommended exercise is to create two groups of workers and submit them to perform a certain test (such as doing a puzzle or solving an enigma) in a given time. 

In this way, workers will be able to optimize coordination mechanisms to manage high-pressure situations


Drawing blind:

When several people have to interact to achieve a goal it is very important to possess excellent internal communication. In order to reflect on the difficulty of the communication process and its relevance, a member of the group is asked, through voice prompts, to try to get his colleagues to draw an image that only he has seen.

The cubes:

It consists of analyzing the group’s abilities to organize the distribution of tasks. Also, this involves dividing the participants into several groups and assigning them the task of creating X paper cubes each, but each team will have different material. 

For example, one team will have only 1 ruler and the other 2, while the second team will have 3 scissors and the first one will have 1, etc. in addition, after the test and checking the quality and quantity of cubes made by each group, the employees will analyze the development of the exercise.

Finally, the dissatisfied customer:

Emotional intelligence is another aspect that can be improved through teamwork dynamics. For example, this exercise consists of selecting one person to play the role of a dissatisfied customer while another employee resolves the situation. Also, the roles and assumptions can be rotated, although the most important thing at the end of the activity will be to reflect on the errors and successes in the emotional management of the conflict.


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