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Airbnb Cleaning Mistakes

Airbnb Cleaning Mistakes

So, you have your property. It is listed. You already have some people that are interested in being there for a while. You have cleaned but, did you clean the right way? Well, there are some Airbnb cleaning mistakes that all people do. And while Airbnb provides everyone with their 5-step process, it is also good to avoid mistakes. So, read on to learn which are the most common Airbnb cleaning mistakes and learn about ways to prevent them. Achieve your verified rank with our vacation rental cleaning tips.


First of all, we have to understand a guest’s priorities. Appliances. These ones are used by many if not all. Put yourself in your guests’ shoes. You wake up, you want to use the microwave, and when you open it, it is full of stains. That can bring anyone’s mood down. So, make sure to do deep cleaning inside every appliance. The most important ones are the microwave, oven, and dishwasher.

Vacation Rental Cleaning Mistakes

Outdoor Cleaning

It doesn’t matter if you have a big or small yard. People will likely want to spend some time outside. And, while most of us focus on the inside cleaning, outside cleaning is important too. Check the deck, the exterior furniture, and even the path leading to the house. These are the areas that usually influence the first impression. Make sure to clean them nicely.


Now, this involves both cleaning and re-supplying. So, when it comes to amenities like soap, shampoo, and such, it is important to have them full. People can complain about a half-full bottle or a used soap. Make sure everything is new before receiving your new guests.

Airbnb Cleaning Mistakes

Bin Removal and Cleaning

When we are in a hurry we only tend to throw out the garbage from the bins inside the house and that’s it. First of all, remember to check even the outside bins. Second, clean and wash all of them. People hate looking at bins and seeing them full of stains. So, make sure to keep these things clean for any guests that arrive. Avoid these mistakes and you’ll start getting that coveted verified ranking.

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