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Ecological Alternatives For Cleaning Products

Ecological Alternatives For Cleaning Products

We all like to keep our business clean, healthy and free of germs and disease-causing bacteria. Against dirt, cleaning products are our greatest ally, but not all of them are the same. Ecological alternatives for cleaning products. To get started, we recommend the following post: Office Cleaning During The Winter Months.

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Chemical cleaners, toxic cleaners

We often use conventional cleaning products. In liquid, powder, tablet or capsule form, they are chemical substances designed to disinfect, unblock and eliminate bacteria. They have a diverse composition depending on the surface for which they are designed, whether floors, bathrooms, kitchens, windows or clothing.


They include in their formulation acids, bleach, solvents, bleaching agents, chlorine, ammonia, colorants, preservatives and powerful perfumes, among other toxic substances, which are recognized for their potential danger. In fact, this is shown on their labels, where pictograms warn of the risks of their handling (corrosive, flammable, irritant) and the safety measures with which these products should be used (avoid direct contact with the skin, use gloves, avoid inhalation, avoid mixing different products).

Ecological cleaning: natural and healthy


Organic cleaning products are essential when looking for a more natural and healthy solution to conventional cleaners. Formulated with natural ingredients and from organic farming, they offer professional results. Additionally we recommend the following post: Excellent Hygiene In Your Business.

Their chemical ingredient content is restricted as much as possible, and they are sourced from a very restrictive list of authorized products. The result is biodegradable cleaners, less aggressive to the environment and our body, and highly effective.

How to recognize an environmentally friendly cleaner?

Cleaning products, unlike cosmetic products, are not obliged to declare all their ingredients on labels. However, there are mechanisms to guide consumers in their choice of purchase: environmental certifications. Finally we recommend the following post: The Importance Of Cleanliness At A Company Event.


In addition, in Quick Cleaning we care about green cleaning, that’s why our services are made with environmental products. 

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