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Essences To Attract Customers To Your Business

Essences To Attract Customers To Your Business

A business can attract customers either by having an eye-catching and novel showcase, creating customer need with an offer of one of its products or services or by its own reputation. But there are also other factors that must be taken into account when determining why a customer enters a business. One of those factors is the customer attracting scents used by those establishments. Essences to attract customers to your business

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Attract customers and seduce them

Finding the perfect scent for your business is a long process, but with great benefits for you. The scent you choose should represent your company’s values, be a part of your brand and follow your desired approach.

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  • Fruity scents: Fruity scents are scents that are related to youth. The most common scents are usually peach, cherry, strawberries… If your business is a confectionery store, a nursery, a baby store, these scents are perfect.
  • Citrus scents: Citrus scents are aromas that transmit youth and are energetic. The most common fragrances are lemon, tangerine and orange. As they transmit these sensations, they are ideal for bars, academies, museums, libraries, gyms, locker rooms, physiotherapies…
  • Floral scents: These scents are sweet and convey sophistication. Jasmine, lavender, violet or geranium essences are usually used. 

Scents to attract customers according to your type of business


Now, in addition to your tastes, there are scents that are ideal for different types of business. This is because of what they transmit or the atmosphere they create. A mixture of energizing scents is not the same as a different one made with relaxing aromas. Additionally we recommend the following post: The Importance Of Commercial Cleaning.

Imagine you have an exclusive clothing boutique, the scents that best fit the atmosphere are sweet vanilla or orange blossom. Even cinnamon with orange. On the other hand, if you have a larger clothing store, red fruits are ideal. These scents by themselves make customers want to stay in the stores much longer, so the chance that they will buy more clothes than they intended to, increases considerably. 

Finally, Benefits

The possibility of increasing your customers increases progressively. As your customers perceive the scent of your business, they will begin to identify you with it. That is why it is so important to know how to choose the scent that best matches your brand. Finally we recommend the following post: Benefits Of Cleaning In Commercial Stores.


 In addition to increasing sales in your business, you can improve the performance of workers by improving mental concentration, reducing stress and fatigue.

It creates an atmosphere of comfort, improving the shopping experience for the user.

Using a distinctive scent for your brand creates a special bond beyond the rational, with your customers much more durable over time.

Obviously cleanliness is the fundamental piece of the aromas, if they see dirty the store will not end up fitting. Cleanliness in your business is fundamental.

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