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Technological Advances In Commercial Cleaning Services

Technological Advances in Commercial Cleaning Services

Technological advances in commercial cleaning services mean an improvement in cleanliness. The innovations that are introduced with some regularity in the processes, products and cleaning techniques, allow increasingly efficient and effective work. Moreover, they are necessary for the new times we are going through.

Innovation as a differential factor

Our focus on innovation allows us to be a reliable option for all types of customers. The best cleaning company that can be hired, is a company with recognitions to quality, that offers a personalized service, that has a trained team. And to maintain that position, it is essential that it incorporates technology and innovation in all its processes.

The cleaning company that invests in training, innovation and new technologies, is a company concerned about working better every day.


Examples of innovative cleaning techniques


There are many innovative techniques in cleaning technology, here are some examples:

  • Aerobic disinfection

    The best way to clean the air in an enclosed space is constant and effective aerobic disinfection.

This ozonizer allows to sanitize and eliminate odors without side effects, without contamination and without generating residues with an annihilating effectiveness of pathogenic agents higher than 99%. The result is an aseptic space without unpleasant odors; a space of full confidence to live or work in.

  • Steaming

Steam cleaning allows to sterilize the surface without damaging it, achieving an impeccable cleanliness. The bactericidal and fungicidal action of the application of steam in such a non-aggressive way is hardly achievable by any chemical product.


The application of steam eliminates the dirt without problem even between corners of difficult access, achieving a chemically clean room. It is recommended for use in particularly sensitive areas such as hospital, restaurant or industrial rooms.


  • Nanotechnology

The use of nanotechnology in cleaning is based on the use of nanopolymers. By coating certain materials and surfaces with these products, we can preserve the properties intact against dirt, erosion, bacteria or even environmental conditions.

The surfaces to which it is applied remain cleaner for longer. 

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