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Tips To Get Rid Off Cigarette Smell

Tips To Get Rid Off Cigarette Smell

In this post we will talk about tips to get rid off cigarette smell. Society is developing a great awareness of the serious problem of smoking. Campaigns have made clear to us the harmful effects of tobacco smoke on our health. According to data from the health authorities, a cigarette can contain 4,000 chemical agents, including ammonium, butane, arsenic, lead, benzene or common products used in solvents.



There are common problems with smoking inside a home, such as the smoke that non-smokers breathe when they have it at home is less than that of smokers, but they can inhale up to 30 pollutants every day. Living with smoke constantly can increase the risk of heart problems, lung cancer, and other diseases by 30%. If there are babies in the house, don’t even think about it.
A non-smoker can develop cancer just by living in a place contaminated by tobacco smoke. A polluted environment at home without airing the rooms can be very harmful.
Beyond the obvious problems of tobacco smoke for people’s health, our homes also resent the damage since the furniture turns yellow, the fabrics at home lose their texture and color, it always smells bad, etc…


Eliminate the smell


Starting with the obvious, the first step is not to smoke in your home. This point is paramount and is one of the most important tips to get rid off cigarette smell.

Open the windows for ventilation or if you have an air purifier much better but opening the windows is more than enough. Wash all the clothes and clean all the furniture superficially. If you have carpet it will be necessary a very deep washing because the smoke is very penetrating in these surfaces.