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Airbnb Laundry Tips

Airbnb Laundry Tips

As we have said in previous posts, Airbnb management can be quite tedious. Even daunting at times. Why? Because you not only have to manage the supplies, guests, and the image of your property. You only have to manage all the cleaning processes. Which actually ties to the latter one about the image. One of the important things about cleaning an Airbnb is the laundry. Why? You’re going to have guests sleeping on your beds. And as you know, guests are quite picky when it comes to anything that has to do with laundry. Especially bed sheets. So, do not worry! Today we bring you some great Airbnb Laundry Tips for your property.

Extra Sheets

Okay so, the best and fastest thing you can do to clean and do the laundry in your Airbnb is always preparing an extra set. Especially of sheets. You can also get a bunch of new towels and just have a set ready for changing. Why? If your guests just left and now you’re waiting for the new ones to arrive, doing the laundry will take time. Replacing the sheets, however, will be a lot faster. And, if you have a set of a few sets ready beforehand, it will be a lot better for your property. So, grab some sets, get them cleaned either at home or in a laundry service, and just replace them.

airbnb laundry tips
best airbnb laundry cleaning tips

Use removable covers

This one might be the best of our Airbnb Laundry Tips. Why? Well, having removable covers will save you time and money. It is normal that people to spill things. It will happen. Even the best guests do it. So, what you can do is get removable covers for every place. Beds and pillow for example. If you’re in a hurry to clean, just go ahead and change the covers altogether. You can save yourself a lot of time by doing this. So, do not hesitate on following these tips to make your laundry day on your property a lot easier. And remember to follow our general Airbnb cleaning tips to help your run your property on autopilot.