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Clean Commerce, Happy Customers

Clean Commerce, Happy Customers

The internet has changed shopping habits and, with it, rendered the old methods useless. Clean commerce, happy customers. On the one hand, there is e-commerce as an essential complement (and even a substitute) for physical commerce. On the other, there are the different types of impact of cleanliness in commerce.

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What is a satisfied customer?

A satisfied customer is a person who, after choosing and paying for a product or service, feels comfortable with his purchase and considers that it has satisfied a certain need or desire. 

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In addition, a good indicator of customer satisfaction is whether or not the customer becomes a brand promoter. Also, this is not a minor fact, since 72% of consumers say they will share a positive experience with a brand with more than 6 other people.

Why is customer experience important?


First, satisfied customer experiences are profitable. In fact, 84% of companies that work to improve customer experience report higher revenues. In addition, if you’re not sure why customer experience is important, keep in mind that 72% of companies say improving it is their top priority

Finally, How do you foster satisfied customer experiences?

Deliver on your brand promise

People believe that the companies they do business with don’t deliver on their promises. Also, this is a serious problem, since corporate credibility is based on the ability to promise and deliver something. Additionally, we recommend the following post: Advantages Of Hiring A Cleaning Company.

Bring value to the customer

More than product attributes or service features, value is about satisfying a deep, concrete and emotional demand. Also, if you want to buy a perfume, for example, it is not enough for it to have a pleasant fragrance or beautiful packaging. In addition, it needs to make you feel more empowered, attractive, confident. Finally, we recommend this post: The Importance Of A Good Cleaning Service.
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