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Cleaning And Disinfection Guide For Stores

Cleaning And Disinfection Guide For Stores

The main goal of stores hygiene is to ensure that the spaces offer a pleasant aesthetic and ease coexistence in them. Here is a cleaning and disinfection guide for stores.

Unlike what happens in sectors such as, for example, the food or health sector, stores have a much lower level of hygiene requirements.

What products need for stores hygiene?


To clean and disinfect stores, neutral detergents and disinfectants, alcohol-based. Also, these products should applicate with the help of mops and microfiber cloths.

Stores should also equipped with dispensers for hydroalcoholic gel, soap or paper towels, among others.

What is the recommended frequency of hygiene?

Stores should be cleaned and disinfected at least once a day. Also, deep cleaning should also be attempted to ensure a thorough cleaning.

During stores hygiene, special attention should  paid to floors, furniture (desks, chairs, reception desk, laptop), computer equipment and electronic devices.


So, how to clean commercial furniture?


As with floors, it’s recommended that desks, chairs, shelves and other furniture be wet-cleaned to better trap dust.

In addition, for disinfection, we also use products that respect the wood. 2-in-1 detergents and disinfectants are a good option for cleaning stores furniture.

Personal hygiene is a very necessary action to prevent viral infections in stores. Also, to promote it´s recommend to place hydroalcoholic gel dispensers at strategic points and offer hand sanitizer bottles to workers.

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