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Ideal Structures For The Office

Ideal Structures For The Office

For as long as offices have existed, the debate has raged over what is the ideal office structure. Unfortunately, all too often that debate starts in the wrong place. The most important thing is that employees feel valued and are able to take responsibility. Meet ideal office structures.

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Be flexible to change

Flexible office structures serve the needs of employees. However, in many companies, professional life is based on the idea that you have to follow strict rules and not stand out negatively in the company. Orders travel from top to bottom and a fixed schedule is followed in a fixed workspace. 

This has hitherto been called company philosophy, which was often expressed as “that’s the way we do things here”. 


The new ways of working (NFT for short) start from the point of view of people’s needs, with the aim of promoting motivation and self-management following a “Do it the way it works best for you” approach.

Example: Microsoft Netherlands

At Microsoft Netherlands they decided to redesign both the ways and the work environment. In the process, they formulated the “Ten NFT principles” to implement their new model:


  • We work independent of time and place.
  • Trust rather than control
  • Results instead of presence
  • Leadership instead of management
  • Collaborate and work with clear goals and objectives
  • Guidance instead of rules
  • Dialogue instead of one-way communication
  • Take responsibility

Ideas popping up everywhere

Google’s Zurich office now has an aquarium, a massage room and (seriously) a big slide in the cafeteria. The consulting firm Deloitte has arranged for its employees in Amsterdam to have a room on each floor to use as they prefer, with the foosball table being the most successful. 

In addition, Lego has done away with fixed workplaces in its Singapore and London offices.


Cleanliness also plays a key role in the structure of your office. Provide safety and hygiene for your employees. Hire a commercial cleaning service.

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