You are currently viewing Cleaning Methods And Disinfection For Your Medical Office

Cleaning Methods And Disinfection For Your Medical Office

Cleaning Methods And Disinfection For Your Medical Office

The service of cleaning methods and disinfection for you medical office surfaces aims to ensure that users stay in a clean and disinfected place, in an environment with the lowest possible contamination load. This reduces the possibility of cross-contamination and disease transmission. Ensure the hygienic safety of your office by relying on a Medical Office Cleaning In Chicago!

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Concurrent cleaning

This is the process of cleaning and disinfection of medical offices performed daily in order to clean and keep the environment organized. Included in this procedure is the cleaning of all horizontal surfaces, furniture, equipment, doors, window frames and floors. A daily cleaning of a Medical Office Cleaning Services Chicago will ensure the hygiene of your medical center.

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It should be noted that the cleanliness of the area close to the patient depends on the routine and procedures of the healthcare center. It is possible that in certain cases, nurses or assistants may be responsible for cleaning and disinfecting certain equipment, such as respirators or monitors.

Terminal cleaning


This is the most complete hospital cleaning and disinfection process, including all types of horizontal, vertical, internal and external surfaces. Also, this type of cleaning must be programmed, being carried out in a maximum period of 15 days in critical areas.

Also, the procedure includes the cleaning of walls, floors, ceilings, panels, equipment, all types of furniture such as beds, chairs or tables, lamps, glass…

Unlike concurrent cleaning, in this type of cleaning, we must use machinery for cleaning floors, while the use of detergents should be limited to surfaces containing organic matter. Additionally continue reading: Cleaning and Disinfection Protocols in Medical Offices.


The objective of hospital disinfection is the elimination of pathogenic microorganisms from objects and surfaces through the use of disinfectant liquids. Hiring a Medical Office Cleaning Chicago has all the tools to achieve a good disinfection. Also, these disinfectants are classified into three groups according to their degree:

  • High-level disinfectants: among the disinfectants of this type we find glutaraldehyde dissolved at 2% in water. These are the most powerful disinfectants, as they can kill all types of fungi, bacteria and spores.
  • Medium-level disinfectants: among these disinfectants we can find sodium hypochlorite, which acts on a large number of microorganisms, but not on spores.
  • Low-level disinfectants: among these types of disinfectants we find quaternary ammonium, in a 0.2% solution in water.

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