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Cleaning Tips for Cold and Flu Season

Cleaning Tips for Cold and Flu Season

Flu season is upon us. So cleaning and disinfecting your home is the first step to keeping healthy.  Here are some cleaning tips to avoid a cold and flu season. You can either do these yourself or look for a Top-Rated Cleaning Company. Either way, you’ll be golden by following our tips!

Disinfect hot spots

Carefully clean remote controls and light switches with a disinfectant cloth, including doorknobs and faucet handles. Wipe these areas with a clean, disinfectant wipe.

Cleaning products

You should clean the house to get rid of germs, but you should use equipment and cleaning products in good condition. This is not the case if you are using dirty supplies. It is advisable to disinfect mops at high temperatures before using them again. Wash kitchen cloths regularly.

cleaning tips for flu season

Change and wash bedding

Pillowcases and sheets should be washed in hot water once a week, and tumble dry. Hands should be washed after treating with soiled sheets. You should also clean blankets and furniture covers.

Clean the home office

If your desk is covered in dust, it is necessary to disinfect that furniture. Don’t forget to clean your computer keyboard and any mobile device, which are the perfect hosts for germs in the home.

Humidify the house

Humidifiers help relieve dry nasal passages for easier breathing. However, they can grow bacteria. Clean humidifiers regularly or consider natural humidification techniques. Removing mold is a hassle and it some cases you might need to look for a Deep Cleaning Service in Chicago. Trust us, it is worth it. Professionals can take care of it for you.

Hand Washing

It seems simple, but handwashing is basic and very important. Germs can be carried by our hands and if you can keep your hands clean, you can keep yourself, and others.