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Fireplace Cleaning Guide

Fireplace Cleaning Guide

Fireplaces are lovely in any apartment, especially during the holidays. People just love to fire it up on any cold night and gather around. Fireplaces truly have a different vibe and they add something amazing to every apartment. However, since people don’t use them too often, they forget about the cleaning. But, don’t you worry, because today we bring something useful for you. Our fireplace cleaning guide. A fireplace is important for an apartment. Since landscaping isn’t an option, a fireplace can do the trick to cozy-up the place. So, if you want to learn how, when, and why to clean your fireplace, this guide will help. So, read on to see how you can leave that fireplace ready for any day of the year.

Prepare everything

As with any cleaning task, preparation is due. You need to begin with the basic products and materials. We recommend a tarp cloth, some rubber gloves to protect your skin, and even a mask. You could also get a scrub brush to help you with the stains inside the fireplace. Also, one thing that never fails is a toothbrush, these things are amazing when cleaning. Most importantly, the cleaning product you want to use. You can use your favorite one as long as it is good and safe for use inside the apartment.

Fireplace Cleaning Tips
How To Clean An Apartment Fireplace

How to clean a fireplace

Now, this wouldn’t be a fireplace cleaning guide without the actual steps. So, let’s begin. Always put the tarp cloth in front of the fireplace to catch all the debris that’ll fall when cleaning. If you don’t you risk your carpet or floor getting stained. Remove all the debris and ashes from the fireplace. Once it is empty, you can start cleaning. Use the scrub brush for the bigger stains. Watch out for everything around it. The walls of the fireplace and even the corners. If you find the corners difficult to reach, use the toothbrush. And of course, use the cleaning product at all times. This task isn’t hard to make but if you want help, call us! We offer same-day apartment cleaning and can help you with your fireplace.

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