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Daily Cleaning Checklist

Daily Cleaning Checklist

Life isn’t as it used to be. We need more precautions for everything nowadays. In the past, we didn’t clean things daily. Not even when we had people coming over. Today, on the other hand, everything has changed. We need to keep a lot of places clean. That is why we have created a daily cleaning checklist. Courtesy of our cleaners with more than ten years of experience. Read on to check what you need to clean every day.


That is right, the item we use the most every single day. Our phones are amazing. They are like a small computer that we can carry around all day. They have a lot of functions. Truly one of the best inventions we’ve had in recent years. But, they do gather a lot of germs. Now, we clean our hands. We wash them. But, do we do the same with our phones? No, we don’t. It is important to clean your phone as soon as you can. Use a wet wipe or put some disinfectant gel on the screen. Then, proceed to wipe it. This way your phone and you will be safe after and before using it.

Daily Cleaning Checklist

daily cleaning tasks

Daily Cleaning Checklist

daily cleaning checklist

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Dining Room Table


Cleaning the place where we eat is important. Sometimes we order some take-out and put everything on the table. We are not sure how clean the things we bring are. Making a good habit of cleaning our table is perfect. You ensure that people who eat there won’t be exposed to any germs or bacteria.


Computer Keyboard


If you are one of the lucky people that are able to work from home then you know where we are going. Cleaning your keyboard is very important. Sometimes we enter our home and go straight to our computer. We type away without realizing how many bacteria we’ve put there. Get some disinfectant wipes with you and clean your keyboard. Doing this often will ensure that you’ll remain safe when working. This is also something great to do when you go to the office. Clean your own work area. After all, it is for your safety.

While this all seems like a lot, making the habit of cleaning will save you time and effort. For any more cleaning tips, you can always follow us. And, if you require a trusted cleaning service we are your go-to option.