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Combat Diseases With Cleanliness

Combat Diseases With Cleanliness

Cleaning with a household cleaning product containing soap or detergent reduces the amount of germs on surfaces, and reduces the risk of infection from contact with surfaces. This post talks about: Combat Diseases with cleanliness.

When and how to clean surfaces

Firstly, cleaning frequently touched surfaces such as door handles, tables and light switches is necessary. In addition, it is important to be sure to follow label instructions.

The places where we spend the most time are necessarily the spots where cleaning needs to be performed daily,


Safe use of disinfectant chemicals


Always follow label instructions on cleaning and disinfecting products to ensure safe and effective use. 

If dilution with water is indicated, use water at room temperature (unless otherwise indicated on the label).

Also, store and use chemicals out of the reach of children and pets.


Cleaning and Disinfecting - Soft Surfaces

Clean soft surfaces with soap and water or cleaning products designed for use on these surfaces.

Wash items in the hottest water setting possible and dry thoroughly.

Garbage Handling

Use a garbage can with a dedicated garbage bag to dispose of your cleaning waste.

Wear gloves when removing garbage bags and when handling and disposing of waste.

Wash your hands after disposing of garbage.

Clean visibly soiled surfaces with household cleaning products containing soap or detergent before disinfecting, also, if your disinfectant product does not contain a cleaning agent (check the label to confirm).

For this reason, clean and disinfect areas that may have blood, feces or body fluids on them.

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