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Keep Your Business Floors Clean

Keep Your Business Floors Clean

There are many ways to clean a floor to keep it sparkling clean. Traditionally, many types of products are used, ranging from specialized chemicals to tools that can be found at home such as vinegar, absorbent cotton or even toothpaste. Keep your business floors clean

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Traditional methods for cleaning floors

To clean tile floors, you can use warm water and a little chlorine bleach water and then wipe with cotton. Ceramic tile floors are best cleaned with warm water and white vinegar.

 Also, to remove shoe stains on vinyl floors, sometimes toothpaste is used and then mopped with warm water.

Keep Your Business Floors Clean

 For wood floors, vinegar is used with water when mopping. in addition, when oil falls on the floor it is recommended to clean first with paper, then pour detergent and let it stand before removing it and mopping. To get started we recommend our next post: Reduce Office Cleaning Costs.

All of the above are very valid options and may work very well in small spaces such as businesses with a small area and in houses or apartments.

To clean floors well, it is better to opt for automation

To clean floors and keep them shiny, you should opt for process automation, especially when your business requires that floor maintenance is a daily priority to ensure the safety of visitors and employees. Additionally we recommend this post: Main Benefits Of Keeping Your Business Clean.

In other words, to opt for optimization is to think about investing in professional cleaning equipment. To wash floors you would then need a scrubber, a floor extractor, a polisher and a floor buffing machine. This may be too expensive and may not be a necessary investment, because there are alternatives such as hiring a professional cleaning team.

So, Is it necessary to invest in this equipment?

No. Of course, there are also other alternatives such as hiring a commercial cleaning service, you should choose the one that best suits the needs of your business, maybe you do not require your floors to be shiny every day. Finally we recommend this post: Reasons To Go Green Cleaning.

Keep Your Business Floors Clean

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