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What Is A Janitorial Service?

What Is A Janitorial Service?

People wonder time and time what is the best option to clean their business. Some people opt to do the cleaning themselves while others prefer to hire experts. There are some terms out there that sound a lot. One being commercial cleaning and the other janitorial services. What is a janitorial service? Well in this post we’d like to point out the key tasks they do and the difference between other cleaning services. These services are perfect for a variety of industries but you need to hire them for specific reasons. So, buckle up because today we have a lengthy post about everything related to janitorial services. Read on to learn more.

Janitorial services tasks

When anyone hires a cleaning service they first think about the tasks that need doing inside a place. In this case, janitorial services focus only on commercial properties. Usually, janitorial services are tied to office cleaning. However, janitorial services can clean a lot of other businesses too. What are their tasks then? Well, first we need to get rid of a common myth. Janitorial services are not only for schools. People think that they are, but that is not true. Janitorial services work in a variety of industries. Their tasks will vary depending on each business. For instance, office cleaning will not be the same as a medical office one. So, while we will list some tasks further down the post, know that all of them change constantly. Either way, these services have their commercial cleaning checklist ready for any company.


Commercial cleaning or janitorial?

Some people hire one or the other, but the truth is that they are not that different. Commercial cleaning vs janitorial is a topic that people talk too much about. Here we’ll try to sum it up as short as possible. Commercial cleaning focuses on heavy-duty cleaning. Stuff like warehouses, floor cleaning, carpet extraction, and so on. Whereas janitorial services focus more on the usual cleaning with some maintenance for the business. Yet, there are some janitorial services that might not include a business’ maintenance. So, be on the lookout for what any of these services offer. Whenever you contact a local janitorial service, ask if they offer the services you’re looking for. Most of them do. But, just in case, it never hurts to ask. Now, there are a lot of industries that benefit from commercial cleaning or janitorial services. It is a good idea to search yours before hiring one.


Janitor Duties

So as we’ve mentioned above, a janitor has a lot of tasks when it comes to cleaning a facility. Most of them involve leaving up to the required standards of authorities. As you know, today’s cleaning process is more strict due to what has happened in the world. So, what can you expect from a janitorial service? Well, first of all, a high-quality cleaning. This is something that is given as soon as you hire the right cleaning company. But after that, you can expect some good cleaning in areas you don’t often clean. Places such as the breakroom or the entrance. Areas that are key points for any business as they give the first impressions. Plus, some janitors also help with building maintenance. But as we mentioned, you need to check if they can do it and have the licenses for it. It is paramount they have their papers in order before starting their cleaning process.

Cleaning process

As we mentioned, we are going to list a few of the things janitors can do for your business. As always, most of them are the usual:
  • Sweeping and mopping
  • Taking out the trash
  • Vacuuming the carpet
  • Cleaning mirrors and windows
  • Cleaning the upholstery
  • Deep bathroom cleaning
Most of these tasks can be done by any cleaning company, but, why should you choose janitorial services then? Well, they will give you a lot more options for the business than just these ones. As we have mentioned already, there are requirements you need to meet. So, with these cleaners, you know they’ll meet them. They are trained and are more professional than a housekeeping service. So, do not hesitate on hiring them. Also, remember that every cleaning process changes depending on the industry. So, if you have any doubts, be sure to ask before they start cleaning.

Is it safe to hire a janitorial service?

Yes! As long as they have all the paperwork needed. Also, another bonus is the products they. Make sure they offer some without a lot of chemicals. Green products preferably. Why? These will not harm your employees. Chemicals can trigger allergies in people or worse. So, just ask about what they’re using to clean. Any janitorial service will let you know about all of these things before starting their work. Another part about hiring them and not just a night cleaning crew is tied to the license and bonding part. While night cleaning crews aren’t bad, they rotate employees a lot. With a janitorial service, you’ll be aware of who they are and everything. They are more formal when it comes to cleaning inside your business. If anything happens to your products, they will take care of that given their licenses and bonding part.


How often should you hire a janitorial service?

This answer will depend on the type of business you have. Let’s give some examples. A restaurant. This is one of the most common industries to benefit from a janitorial service. Why? As you know, there are health inspections and restaurants need to pass them. An important part for them to get a good mark is the cleaning. So, a good timeframe to hire a janitorial cleaning service is every week. Now, moving on to the office. For an office, we recommend hiring a service every day. 

Yes, there are janitorial services that offer daily cleaning or recurring depending on what you need. This is good because you can create a flexible schedule. For an office, it is important to have daily cleaning. Why? Because your customers and employees need a good workplace. All of this is tied to how comfortable they feel. With cleaning, they can feel happy about being there. So, don’t think twice when hiring a janitorial cleaning service. And, remember to always ask about your industry. Every cleaning service varies depending on the company.

Closing thoughts

While most of the time janitorial services are confusing, they are somewhat similar to what people think. A great option for people to keep their businesses clean. With some extra things, of course. Such as maintenance and recurring cleaning. Some of them might even restock on some supplies if needed. So, as you can see there are a lot of benefits when it comes to janitorial services. You only have to search for your local ones. Here at Quick Cleaning, we offer the best janitorial services in Chicago and its surroundings. You only need to call and get started with a free quote. We have an extensive list of industries we work with. Call today to learn if we can help with yours. Even if it is not on the list, we always offer the best cleaning options and adapt to every business. Call today and get your business ready with Quick Cleaning!