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Scent Marketing – Cleaning In Your Business

Scent Marketing – Cleaning In Your Business

What is Scent Marketing – cleaning in your business ?.There are several olfactory marketing strategies to associate a scent with an establishment. Have you ever thought why, sometimes, you associate a scent note with a specific store? In fact, there are several studies that confirm the importance of the senses when we go shopping. 

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Nothing triggers reminiscence like a scent

The main objective of scent marketing is to arouse emotions and feelings in customers so that they activate their memory and remember the product or the store when they associate it with its scent. To get started we recommend the following post: Visual Merchandising: Success For Your Store.


From the point of view of the sale, what is sought is that the customer makes an association of the olfactory note with the brand values before, during and after finalizing the purchase. Experts confirm that consumers spend up to 44% more time in stores that smell pleasant to them.

Success through cleanliness


More and more companies are hiring cleaning companies and experts to carry out their cleaning campaign. It is inevitable to pass through a door of the establishment and get impregnated with its scent. And the fact is that their fans expel the air freshener so that it lasts much longer in the air. 

First impressions count

A good smell in the store has to be accompanied by a façade that lets you see what is inside the establishment. It is crucial to have a clean store front, as it is the first thing people see and what they notice. A dirty storefront does not encourage people to enter your store. Additionally we recommend the following post: Factors That Affect The Shopping Experience.


Scent marketing has gone from being a secondary option to one of the most important. Companies have realized that by having a clean establishment, sales can increase by more than 30%. We are at a time to differentiate ourselves from the competition. Nothing better than a distinctive smell. Finally we recommend you: How To Place The Products To Sell More?.

As you can see, cleaning is a task that should be left in the hands of professionals who promise you an efficient and optimal result.

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