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How To Place The Products To Sell More?

How To Place The Products To Sell More?

The first thing is to know what factors are those that can allow you, with the same means, without resorting to other methods such as paid advertising, we are able to boost sales. Products, their distribution and promotion are very important to increase sales. That’s why this post is about how to place the products in a store to sell more?

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Factors influencing product placement to drive sales

The layout of the product: the closer it is to the eye, the more likely it is to be purchased. Also, this means that, on a shelf. For example, we should place the products we are most interested in selling at eye level. Delegating those that already sell themselves or that the consumer is looking for because he already knows them, to the lower or upper shelves.


Store layout: depending on the space available, we must ensure that the customer spends as much space as possible in the store. Thus, if the layout is “tube-shaped”, we will place the most eye-catching products at the back, forcing the customer to walk the entire aisle and thus receive more impulse purchases. If the distribution is quadrangular. Also, we will try to ensure that the distribution allows the customer to walk around the entire perimeter and thus have an overview of everything that is sold in the store. 

The ambiance


From the music, the use of bright colors and even the lighting you use in each space influences when it comes to attracting customers. In addition, of course, the window display should be the first thing to take care of, since it is the most striking element that can cause your customers to enter. 

Boost impulse sales

It is the key to increase sales. There are customers who enter out of curiosity, but the vast majority come to an establishment with an idea of purchase already conceived, whether to fill the fridge.

Also, it is to this type of customers that we must seduce by showing them other products that a priori they do not need but that. Well presented, can seduce them and end up going through the cash register with them.


Finally, highlight your products with cleanliness. It is also a differentiator that will make your business look more professional and your customers will notice that.

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