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Commercial Cleaning vs Janitorial Services

Commercial Cleaning vs Janitorial Services

A lot of people out there are always on the lookout for commercial cleaning. But, some people tend to look for janitorial services. What is fun though is that, both of these services are great but, are they the same? How do they work and when should you hire one or the other? Well, today we tell you all about Commercial Cleaning vs Janitorial Services. Learn which one is better for your industry and what is offered by each service. Read on to learn more about all their benefits.

A lot of people think that starting a janitorial service is easier. Why do they think this? Well, as you know, Janitorial Services focus solely on the day-to-day cleaning. This has created a misconception when it comes to them. People sometimes avoid them because they think they won’t cover all the areas. At least when it comes to big companies. However, there are a lot of advantages when it comes to hiring a janitorial service. As we mentioned, the day-to-day cleaning is their area of expertise. Hiring a janitorial service will ensure that your business is clean every single day.

Let’s start with probably the most common one out there. Janitorial Services are highly sought out because of how easy is for them to do easy tasks. These services are perfect for places that require a recurrent cleaning. And you can see them in offices, restaurants, or schools. Among others. Tasks that Janitorial Services do include and are not limited to:


  • Dusting
  • Bathroom Cleaning
  • Emptying the trash
  • Vacuuming
  • Cleaning hard surfaces (sweeping and mopping)
  • Kitchen cleaning

As you can see these are common tasks that most cleaning services can offer. And it is great to have some Janitorial services close by if you want a weekly cleaning for your business.

Masters of the day-to-day-cleaning

For example, one of the industries that benefit most from janitorial services is the school industry. In any educational institution, daily cleaning goes a long way. Especially with what has been happening lately. It is paramount that every school is cleaned thoroughly at the end of every day.
Janitorial services offer a lot of different cleaning plans. But the daily one should be your safe bet.
Another thing that worries people when hiring such services is the products they use. If we are talking about a school with a lot of people every janitorial company has to think ahead of things. In what sense? Well, cleaning products contain a lot of chemicals. That is something that we can’t deny. But, thankfully, today’s cleaning trends have shifted towards a greener focus. Almost all janitorial services are including green cleaning products in their processes. This ensures that no one in the school will suffer from any reaction to chemicals.
janitorial cleaning vs commercial cleaning service

Budget Friendly

Finally, another thing that distinguishes janitorial services from commercial cleaning ones is pricing. Why? Well, the truth is that most janitorial cleaners do not need a lot of training. Most people that work in these services come from cleaning homes. That makes hiring a janitorial service a lot cheaper than a commercial cleaning one. So, in the case your business is trying to save up some of their budgets, go for this cleaning service.
It is a good idea to invest as soon as possible in one. Cleaning has become a huge part when it comes to daily business life. People do not overlook things like cleaning now. They pay attention and anything that is out of place will be bad for you. Hiring a service such as the previously mentioned will prevent this. But now, let’s see how commercial cleaning services differ from this one.

Commercial Services

Commercial Cleaning vs Janitorial Services

And, moving on to more differences between commercial cleaning and janitorial. In the previous paragraphs, we talk about how janitorial services excel in the daily cleaning tasks. And we say this in a good way. Companies like schools will benefit a lot from hiring services like these. These places keep their cleaning standards at a good level. Yet, there is a limit to what a janitorial cleaning service can do.

So, the biggest difference between commercial cleaning vs janitorial services is the scope. While Janitorial services take care of day-to-day things. On the other hand, commercial cleaning services are all about the bigger picture. Let’s think about these services like a deep cleaning service. While Janitorial Services can do superficial cleaning, these ones do the heavy-duty tasks. Such as:

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Deep cleaning
  • Window cleaning and washing
  • Furniture cleaning
  • And more


Big League Cleaners

With commercial cleaning, we are moving to the bigger leagues. The big businesses. Companies that require almost a whole day and heavy-duty cleaning. This is something only a commercial cleaning company can offer.
If we want to give examples regarding this, we can go with industries like restaurants, daycares, medical offices, and so on. All these three we mentioned having specific regulations that they need to follow.
commercial cleaning vs janitorial services

They are worth the price

For instance, restaurants. A restaurant has to follow a sanitation code. As you know restaurants have to pass a sanitation inspection. Hiring a commercial cleaning company can help them pass said process. Why? Because commercial cleaners are experts.
That is another thing where the two services differ. Janitorial cleaners can do daily cleaning tasks. Again, they also need knowledge but not specialized training. Commercial cleaning requires a lot more things. First, the company has to be certified to move and handle cleaning machines. Machines such as floor cleaning ones or even carpet extraction machines.

Up to today's standards

There are a lot of industries that benefit from commercial cleaning. And while janitorial cleaning can turn out to be a lot cheaper, it might not be the right one for every company.
Let’s put medical offices again for example. The OSHA has some cleaning requirements that commercial cleaning contractors are aware of. If you hire a janitorial company they might not be aware of them and could jeopardize something inside the medical office. So, when people like us to recommend them either of the two, we always say the same. Analyze your company’s needs. Analyzing what your company needs and offers will make the choice a lot easier.
Commercial Cleaning or Janitorial Services

So, which one is the right for you? Well, it depends on what your business needs. If you require some deep cleaning then opt for the latter. If you want a constant and recurring cleaning, choose the former. In the end, either is perfect for you!