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Speed Cleaning Tips

Speed Cleaning Tips

While cleaning can be a relaxing activity, it can become tedious if done too much. Some people that are not used to cleaning a lot might get tired or not do it the right way. And that is understandable. We all have things to do. But, if you are looking for a way to clean your apartment in the fastest possible way, don’t look any further. We bring you today our best speed cleaning tips. Clean your house as fast as possible with these tips. Doing it fast but also in the most efficient way.

Bathroom Cleaning

One of the areas we have to begin with is the bathroom or bathroom, depending on your apartment. There are some steps you can follow to speed clean this area. Such steps are these:


  • First, spray everything in the bathroom. You can use your favorite cleaning product in a spray cleaner. Let it sit for a while before wiping.
  • Second, start wiping. Once you’ve let the product sit in for a bit, you can start wiping every surface.
  • After that, continue with the toilet. Using either DIY cleaning products or eco-friendly ones will help here. Use whichever you prefer to clean the inside.
  • Finally, tackle the walls and lights. Whichever needs it more but cleaning these areas is also good.

Fast Cleaning Tips

fast cleaning tips

Speed Cleaning Tips for your Home

speed cleaning tips

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Kitchen Cleaning

It might sound scary, kitchen cleaning. But, trust us, if done right, it is one of the fastest areas to clean.


  • Begin with wiping all spots that might have grease stains. Stovetop, counters, table, and walls. Cooking can be messy and your kitchen knows it.
  • Move on to the sink. Continue with cleaning the sink. Get rid of any food that remains inside it. Wipe it to make it shine.
  • Finish with the microwave. Cleaning the microwave is a bit tedious but make it a weekly habit.

Living Room

The fastest place to clean without a doubt. You only need a handful of products and things to clean. The way to start cleaning it is also easy.


  • Start by trapping all dust. Get your favorite cloth and go ahead with the dusting. Clean every surface. You can also use a small vacuum if you want.
  • Move on and finish with the furniture. Go and check your sofas. See if there’s any animal hair around. Take care of it with a vacuum or a small brush.

As you can see it is quite fast to follow these speed cleaning tips. Doing it often can save you time and effort. However, you can always opt for hiring an apartment cleaning service too. As always, remember we are here to help. Call us with any cleaning questions you have.