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Floor Finishing Mistakes

Floor Finishing Mistakes

Getting floor cleaning is perfect for a company. Not only does it improve the looks but also extends our floor’s life. Yet, there are some things that could affect even during the process. For that, we bring you today the floor finishing mistakes to avoid. Make sure that you hire professional help when getting your floors cleaned. It is important to only let experts handle the process if you want to avoid any damage. If the process has mistakes then it’ll be more expensive to fix after it.

Not swapping instruments

One of the most common floor finishing mistakes is this. Not swapping instruments. In a more specific way, we are talking about mops. When you’re doing the floor stripping, waxing, or buffing this can affect you. If you use an applicator with a mop and another with a different mop, it will cause a lot of damage. Making all the processes counterproductive. All materials require specific care.

Floor Finishing Mistakes to avoid

Boxing Yourself

This sounds weird but it tends to happen. Most people like to buy some floor cleaning products and do some DIY cleaning. But, in that case, if you don’t plan an exit strategy it will be bad. Boxing yourself after cleaning is terrible. Not only for you but the floor as well. You’ll leave footprints behind and can even damage the floor finish.

Floor Finishing Mistakes

Applying the finish too fast

Rushing the finishing process is bad as well. The floor needs to dry before applying anything. If we get hasty and apply the finisher before it dries it will only cause trouble. If you do this you will see some dull areas instead of shiny ones. In that case, you’ll have an uneven-looking floor.

Putting everything back in place quickly

For the final one. All floor finishers need at least 24 hours to sit well. If not you’re going to have a lot of trouble and will see furniture marks all around the floor.
Avoid these things if you are planning to do the process yourself. However, you can always hire a floor cleaning service like the one we offer. For any stripping, waxing, or buffing we are your #1 option. Call today!

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