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Floor Polishing vs Floor Buffing

Floor Polishing vs Floor Buffing

To understand both concepts we bring you today Floor Polishing vs Floor Buffing. We know that these two things are in the air all the time. You need to do one or the other but, what is the difference? Some people recommend one while others recommend the other. Are both the same? Should go for one instead of the other? Today we answer these questions and try to solve all of your doubts. After this post, you’ll be able to make a more informed decision.

Floor Polishing

So, floor polishing. Floor polishing shares one thing with buffing which is in a few words, making a floor shine. But what is the difference then? Well, the process. Polishing a floor requires machines that work at a very fast speed. This is because polishing machines give your floor a glass-like finish. Also, polishing is usually done after the buffing process. We’ll explain buffing in a moment. Summing it up, polishing can give you a really shiny floor. It is perfect for any material. But it seems it goes hand in hand with the following one.

Floor Polishing vs Floor Buffing
Floor Polishing or Floor Buffing

Floor Buffing

Floor buffing also requires specific machines. More than only giving shine to a floor it also restores parts of it. It gives a newer look that you can’t always get with polishing. Polishing will make it crystal-clear. But buffing can actually take those damage marks away. One isn’t better than the other but as you can see each one has a function. And, both are situational.


Which one is better then? It depends on your floor and your needs. Depending on what your floors have you might go for one over the other. If you want just a nice look, choose to polish. If you want to fix some areas of your floor and a nice look as well, try floor buffing. Either option is great in the Floor Polishing vs Floor Buffing debate. Choose what is best for you and if you have questions, call us. We’ll be happy to help with any of them.