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How To Clean High Traffic Floors

How To Clean High Traffic Floors

Whenever we talk about high traffic floors people think we refer only to public places. Train stations, a government office, and so on. However, there are a lot of other places that have high traffic floors. One of them can be the office, your warehouse, a restaurant, the list goes on. The commercial sector has a lot of businesses with high traffic floors and today we have a handy guide for you. Today we tell you how to clean high traffic floors. When to do it and if you require help, where to get it.

What is considered a high traffic floor?

This can be a subjective question because even a house could fall into this category. If you have a lot of guests then it becomes a place with high traffic. But, it is more common to find this term in the commercial sector. High traffic floors are those that see people coming and going all day. We can think of a lot of companies that have them. But, something strange happens. Restaurants or fast food joints do floor cleaning every day. But, what about an office? An office receives the same amount of people a day. When was the last time you had a good floor cleaning?

how to clean high traffic commercial floors

How To Clean High Traffic Floors


How to take care of a high traffic floor

The first thing to keep track of is the type of floors you have. Are they tile, terracotta, is it a carpet? Depending on what you have you’ll need a different treatment. Nevertheless, all floors suffer the same. They get weary after a while. People start noticing if your floors are dirty or something. So, for that try to schedule a weekly or monthly floor cleaning. Floor cleaning is easier than cleaning a carpet. This one can be scheduled on a constant basis. For carpet cleaning though you can do it once every three months or so. This process lasts for longer and unless your carpet has stains, you won’t need it so often.

Whichever yours is this is our guide on how to clean high traffic floors. To learn more about floor cleaning remember to follow us. And if you need some cleaning we are your all-in-one cleaning company. Call today!