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Best Commercial Cleaning Floor Machines

Best Commercial Cleaning Floor Machines

When we think about floor cleaning we usually think of the good old mop and broom. And it is not wrong, for a home’s floor. But, what about a company’s one? Business floors suffer a lot more. People walk on them every single day. The number of soles that go through a company’s floor can be countless. And, not all of them are clean. So, hiring a Commercial Cleaning Service in Chicago is a good option to take care of them. When hiring one, a good thing to keep in mind is what type of equipment they’ll use. Some machines are way better than others. Today we talk about the best commercial cleaning floor machines. Always look for these ones before hiring your cleaning service.

Walk-Behind Scrubbers

People do not realize the true power of these machines. As we mentioned, most people have the idea that with a mop and a broom everything is done. However, for companies, it requires a lot more power. In the case of industrial floors or companies’ floors bigger machinery is needed. A nice walk-behind scrubber is a great option to start with. Especially for those businesses with hardwood floors. These machines are really easy to use and only need the push of one button. One great thing that we also love about these machines is the cost-effective scrubbing. They are really accessible and any Cleaning Company that has it is a reliable business. 

Whenever you hire a cleaning service make sure they have at least one of these. They will take care of your floors. These machines are a great point of entry for most cleaning companies. Although, not all of them have a machine like the one you see here. Personally, we think that these machines should be a requirement these days for every cleaning company to have.


Contained Carpet Extractors

You thought we had forgotten about carpets? We didn’t because as a cleaning company we have a Carpet Cleaning Service. Made specifically for companies’ carpets. A contained carpet extractor does wonder these days. Again, if we compare between a home and a company carpet then we have a huge difference. First of all, at home, you can use a normal vacuum. But, for a company, the size grows a lot. Carpet Extractors are perfect for high-trafficked carpets. When people are walking from one place to the other, this machine will work perfectly. They have a lot of functions, they are easy to use and all companies should have one. Although, the Best Commercial Cleaning Service in Chicago will tell you all of these things beforehand. If they don’t, then reconsider. A good cleaning company will offer you all these things with their cleaning service. Book only the best for your company and your co-workers. They’ll be grateful!