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Hardest to Clean Appliances

Hardest to Clean Appliances

Cooking is a relaxing experience. Well, most of the time. The aftermath might not be the best. And, let’s face it. Cleaning after cooking is the last thing we want to do. Cleaning after eating, we don’t even want to think about it. But, it has to be done. Eventually. Your kitchen can take a big toll after some cooking sessions. It is important to keep this place in a good shape. Some appliances might work more than others and that is why they need cleaning. Today we tell you which are the hardest to clean appliances. How to clean them and how often to do so.


To no one’s surprise, the #1 hardest to clean appliance is the oven. Boy, it does a lot of work. Having an oven is amazing. It cooks and bakes a lot of things. The best recipes have to be made inside it. We need it. But, it gets dirty real fast. After a lot of cooking sessions, it can gather a lot of greases. Food residues and more. It is important to keep it clean with an all-purpose cleaner. Make sure to unplug it and start scrubbing. A ball of good steel wool will make your life easier.
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Stove Top

The second one we have here is the Stove Top. Every time we cook, all of it goes above. Our stove’s overhead gathers it all. Thankfully, the cleaning can be easy. First, remove the panels you see there. Scrub them by hand or throw them inside the dishwasher. Then, with a sponge start scrubbing the outside and inside of the overhead. Try to do this once a month. Else, grease buildup will become evident as time passes.


Last but not least we have the microwave. This one is the easiest of all the hardest to clean appliances. But still, it needs some care. Some food can pop inside the microwave and leave some leftovers in it. If left sitting for long the smell will be bad. You need to clean this one weekly. Remove the plate and wash it by hand or in your dishwasher. You can use a lot of materials for this. However, we recommend any good product with a nice smell.
As you can see, the cleaning process is not long. You can do it at any time so don’t miss your chance to do it. For any cleaning inquiries, you can contact us. We’ll be happy to help!
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