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Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Kitchen cleaning is an extremely important task in the food industry, hotel, and catering industry. The kitchen is usually the area in which there is no room for maintenance. That is because it is always in continuous contact with dirt, grease, or bacteria. That is why today we bring you the best Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Tips. All of them are on par with today’s restaurant regulations.

  1. Heat zone. Burners, griddles, ovens, and grills.

For the cooking or heating zones, degreasing and descaling are required. Since high temperatures and continuous contact with food or debris can cause carbon deposits or debris that are difficult to clean.

  1. Extraction area. Hoods and extraction systems.

The fume extraction area is usually delicate. And, depending on the depth of the cleaning to be done, it may require professional cleaners. Therefore it is usually necessary to know the type and location of the extraction system, fan or duct system.

  1. Worktop area

The countertop area should be cleaned with products that do not produce odorous contamination. For this purpose, microfiber cloths should be used with water only or with a small diluted amount degreaser since it is odorless and does not produce odorous contamination.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Tips

commercial kitchen cleaning tips
commercial kitchen cleaning

It is important to clean the floor well on a daily basis and not with maintenance but with a daily shock treatment, with products made for cleaning commercial floors. Remember to take care of anything else around your kitchen. In the end, you need to give your employees a safe spot. And also, give those customers a well-deserved meal. Your kitchen speaks for you. Give it the right cleaning treatment. For more commercial kitchen cleaning tips remember to follow us. And do not hesitate on calling our cleaning professionals.