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Upholstery Cleaning Tips

Upholstery Cleaning Tips

Cleaning furniture isn’t easy. Actually, because of not being easy people tend to not do it. Yet, cleaning upholstery is important. Take an office for example. Inside an office, the first thing you find is a waiting room. In any type of office. Where do you sit? In a nice sofa. Or we hope it is a nice one. Holding off cleaning can harm your furniture. In the long run, replacing them will be more expensive. That is why today we bring you some upholstery cleaning tips. Take care of your furniture with our professional cleaning tips.

Use Hot Water

The first thing we need to do is a setup. For this, you need to use warm water in a spraying bottle. What warm water does to the fabric is relaxes it. By applying it you’ll start to notice that some stains come off faster.

Use Cotton Rags

Some people think that any rag or cloth is good for cleaning upholstery. That is not true. If you use hard rags or rough material you run the risk of damaging your furniture. Some people do not realize this but after they finish cleaning the damage becomes visible. Also, the fabric can start to look worn out. In that case, it’ll get affected later.

Get yourself a fabric shaver

Fabric shavers are amazing because they can remove lint and pilling. Sometimes having lint and pilling can cause damage. If you pull some of it the fabric can break easier. A great way to prevent it is by getting some fabric shaver. Use it after the cleaning process.

upholstery cleaning tips

Upholstery Cleaning Tips

upholstery cleaning tips

Protect the fabric

Some people put plastic on furniture but there is a better way to protect it. Buy yourself some upholstery protector. There are a lot of protectors out there that work for various types of upholstery. You can ask professional cleaners to see which one is better for you.

And that is it. Our Upholstery Cleaning Guide. Follow these steps to take care of your furniture. And, as always, for any questions do not hesitate on calling us. We are happy to help!