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Office Kitchen Cleaning Guide

Office Kitchen Cleaning Guide

Big offices are great. Especially the ones with a lot of amenities. One of those amenities is the kitchen. Having an office kitchen is perfect. You can take some breaks, get some coffee. Chat with your peers. Heat your lunch. You can do a lot and it is great. But, after a bit of time, this place can get a bit dirty. And that is when the problems start to come in. Some co-workers might not be eager to clean. Some others will just ignore the cleaning at all. Yes, it can get dramatic. And why’s that? Because office workers tend to think an office kitchen cleaning is hard. Well, don’t fret. Today we bring you our office kitchen cleaning guide. Aimed for every office worker who wants a clean kitchen in their workplace.

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Appliance Cleaning

The first and most important thing to do is this. Appliance cleaning. The two most used appliances in the office kitchen will always be these. Coffee machine and microwave. People tend to forget to clean the filters of the coffee machine. Coffee grains can sit there for a long time and even the coffee flavor will get affected. Make sure to replace the filters constantly to avoid any issues. On the other hand, we have the microwave. People bring a new dish every day. Yes, it is like an international kitchen sometimes. When people heat their food it can get messy. Do a schedule and have people do cleaning rounds. Just unplug the appliance, wash the plate, and wipe the inside. There are some appliance cleaning products that won’t harm them. Look for those to make it easier.

office kitchen cleaning guide
office kitchen cleaning

Keep all kitchen supplies organized

The big office kitchens have pantries. Amazing places to keep supplies inside. Sugar, coffee, bread, and more. The more organized you have these things the better it’ll be to clean them. Try to keep every single thing in place. Again, creating a schedule can help a lot. You can get some people to clean weekly or organize often. Kitchen pantries aren’t usually that big but they do need some cleaning. If you make a good habit of cleaning everything will be smooth. In the end, our office kitchen cleaning guide isn’t that long. It’s just a few tasks that need doing. The better you organize your peers, the smoother the office experience will be. And, as always, for any other cleaning tips remember to call us. We’ll be happy to help!

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