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The Importance Of Lighting In The Office

The Importance Of Lighting In The Office

When it comes to implementing the facilities for a job, it is essential to take factors into account. The importance of lighting in the office. Since it has implications such as eyestrain and other discomforts that can interfere with the performance of employees. 

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Ergonomics is key

A significant change that has taken place in the way work environments are designed has been the emergence of ergonomics as a key concept: that is, adaptation to each particular room is crucial, since what works perfectly in one room may not in another. To get started we recommend this post: Ideal Structures For The Office.


That is why the lighting system, especially the ceiling lighting, has to be chosen and considered according to the characteristics of that specific environment: for example, a meeting room will never be the same as a module with windows and natural light or an elevator. 

Defining needs at work


As many will already know, lighting can be measured in lux. Generally, the minimum required is 500 lux for workplaces; lighting of 500 to 1,000 lux per room will, in most cases, allow workers to perform their tasks without visual stress or extra effort. Additionally we recommend the following post: Office Design Benefits Productivity.

The more complex a work activity is, the more lighting it will require. Age can also be a factor to consider, for which lighting in the 750 to 1,000 range can optimize the working attitude of older employees. Taking these conditions into account will not only facilitate this, but will also allow you to get more out of the use of the lighting system.

Different spotlights

Considering all of the above, when it comes to placing the lighting, we will differentiate between two main types and one additional, but also important, type: general lighting, spot lighting and, finally, decorative lighting. The combination of the three must ensure a lighting balance that avoids shadows and glare, while at the same time meeting the needs of the office environment.


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