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Time Saving Moving Tips

Time Saving Moving Tips

Is your moving day almost here? It can be quite scary if it is closer than we think. Some people leave everything until the end and it can become an issue in a lot of cases. In the case of that happening, there are some things to keep in mind to save time when moving. And that is why today we have some time saving moving tips for you. Learn what to do before your moving day. How to plan ahead of time. And how cleaning can be the best thing you can do to ease the moving process. Read on to learn what to do.

The 60-day rule

Before moving we always recommend doing a 60-day rule. What is this rule about? Well, you need to start the moving process two months in advance. This is a perfect time if you’re moving either inside Chicago or outside. It works either way. 60 days are perfect to get started and organize everything you need to do. The paperwork. Getting the boxes. Start decluttering. It all lines up perfectly.

Time Saving Moving Tips

Make a packing system

When we’re in a rush we tend to pack everything just as we see it coming. Everyone starts putting everything in whichever box fits. This will take a lot of time when moving out but even more when moving in. Unpacking takes time as well so doing this is a bad idea. You can develop a packing system before moving. Label all boxes and go room by room. This makes cleaning and decluttering a lot easier.

Time Saving Move Out Tips

Assign a packing room

The last of the time saving moving tips we have for you is this. Assign a room for packing. Yes, just for that. Why? It is a lot easier to work in an empty space without clutter. After packing a box you can move it there and organize piles by room. It is a great idea.
So now you know how to start organizing beforehand. So, get ready for your moving day with these tips, and don’t let time pass you by when moving. And, for any extra help, remember to call us! We have the best Move In Move Out Cleaning Service in Chicago.

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