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How Often Should a Medical Office Be Cleaned

How Often Should a Medical Office Be Cleaned

This question might surprise many but a lot of people ask it. And not because they don’t know the right answer but because they want to have a clean medical office. Medical Offices house a lot of things every day. Patients, people, workers but also, germs and bacteria. These things can become dangerous for people who stay there working or go to an appointment. Keeping a medical office clean is important. Today we tell you how often should a medical office be cleaned. With more than 10 years of experience in Commercial Cleaning, you can trust our tips. Keep on reading to learn about how frequently should you book a medical office cleaning.

Things to take into consideration

The frequency of your cleaning service will depend on a few things. Some of them we’d like to list right here.


  1. What type of medical office do you run?

If your medical office is only a healthcare facility then the law has some regulations. You need to clean daily. Why? A lot of patients arrive every single day. They get in touch with a lot of things in your medical office. Cleaning is a priority.


  1. How often do you get appointments?

If you have a busy office then you need to clean with more frequency. As the law says, daily could be good. We recommend it at the end of the day. As soon as you close the doors the cleaning can begin.


  1. What is the current season?

Spring and Summer are the worst seasons, at least for allergies. When it comes to these two people are sneezing all around. If you have patients during these times then you have to make sure to clean a lot. This is to prevent bacteria from spreading.


how often to clean a medical office
how often should a medical office get cleaned

An extra pair of hands

Now, if this sounds daunting, we don’t blame you. Administrating a medical office is a huge task already. Hiring a cleaning service might be a better option. However, you shouldn’t hire any service. Look for a commercial cleaning service near your medical office. Commercial cleaners have a lot of experience dealing with all of these things. Plus, they follow every single regulation stated by the law. Make sure to ask for help if needed. You can always call us with any questions you have about cleaning. Feel free to contact us as well if you require a free quote. We are here for you!

Hire our Chicago Medical Office Cleaning Service today! Give your patients the clean space they deserve.