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How Often You Should Clean Your Carpet

How Often You Should Clean Your Carpet

Carpets have become a trend in any place, whether it is a house or an office. Because of their warmth and softness, they are the first choice to cover any floor. Unfortunately, they also can get dirty by anything. Perhaps, someone spills a liquid over it, or there is a party going on, or just someone came walking with dirt in their shoes, all these things can surely get your carpet dirty. And, let us tell you that carpets are trickier. If not cleaned at the proper time, carpets can get irremediable mess up. For that, in our company, we leave the knowledge at your disposal on how often you should clean your carpet.

Vacuum it

The first step to keep your carpet in good state is through the vacuuming cleaner. You should vacuum your carpets at least once a week, so they can last longer. For your vacuum you can choose one that has a rotating brush, so it can lift the embedded dirt better.

Remember that if you don’t vacuum regularly your carpet, these loose particles can seep into the fabrics and abrade its fibers.

How Often You Should Clean Your Carpet vacuum it

Try to cover all the places with the vacuum cleaner, especially the ones with the most foot traffic. Also, try to vacuum your carpet in two directions, for example, do it in a perpendicular way for better results. Remember to move the furniture, so you can also reach those parts, and they can keep clean as the whole carpet.

Get help for deep cleaning

How Often You Should Clean Your Carpet deep cleaning

However, just vacuuming won’t be enough. It is good to remember to always vacuum your carpets. But to ensure your carpet is a 100 % clean, you need from professional help.

For example, you can clean your home or office by yourself, and it will look clean. But you cannot be sure you have covered every part of the place, or if there are parts that you could not deal with. For that, you can hire a cleaning company for a high-quality job.

It works the same for the carpets. You need to hire a cleaning service that is specialized in Carpet Cleaning. The benefits to hire a professional cleaning are that all the dangerous particles are destroyed, your rugs will look and smell good, and you will extend your carpet’s life.

This carpet cleaning process can be performed at least twice a year for the well-being of your carpet. Any professional service will have the necessary cleaning products and machines to make your carpet look bright, plush and welcoming. Of course, you need to remember that this goes together with the maintenance you do of your carpet. Both can preserve the life of your carpet for many more years.