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How To Boost Your Airbnb

How To Boost Your Airbnb

When it comes to the hosting business, everyone wants to be on top of it. People are always looking for ways to improve their listing and get that coveted 5-star rating. As a cleaning company that has been working on Airbnb properties for years, we know exactly the things that can help. So, if you want to know how to boost your Airbnb, read this guide. We have the best tips for you today! Remember that hosting isn’t only about having a nice property, it requires dedication and some extra things. So read on to learn everything about boosting your property.

Increase your booking window

Right now is the time for people to book a vacation on an Airbnb property. Summer in Illinois is perfect for people who travel from the outside or inside the state. However, if there is something that deters people from booking is the booking window. Some hosts make it small to avoid a lot of congestion. Yet, if you increase it, not only will your property appear earlier before the vacations, but people will find it more attractive.

how to boost your airbnb listing

Speak other languages

Now, you don’t have to speak another language at 100% efficiency. But a bit helps. For instance, Chicago is a city full of diversity. A lot of people from other countries come to vacation here due to this. Learning another language will make it a lot easier for guests to communicate with you. Plus, they’ll love it because they’ll feel a bit closer to home.

How to boost your airbnb

Allow pets

Now, this might not stick with all hosts but, when looking at how to boost your Airbnb, trust us, it is a perfect idea. You just need to keep the place clean because as you know, pets tend to leave a lot of fur and things around, but, guests love this. Nothing better than vacationing with your pets.
So these are a few tips but follow us because we’ll be putting more up. And, for any cleaning needs, remember to call us! We’ll be glad to help!

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