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Keep The Air In My Business Healthy

Keep The Air In My Business Healthy

The context produced by the spread of recent viruses has highlighted the importance of maintaining optimal indoor air quality, especially in those spaces where there is a high volume of people and frequent traffic. Keep the air in my business healthy

Also, this a new challenge for the owners of commercial premises opens up: to guarantee spaces free of pollutants and viruses that allow a safe visit for their customers, breathing healthy air. In this article we are going to talk about what measures to take to achieve this goal.

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What is indoor air quality?

The quality of indoor air is the conditions that the air flow must meet in order not to pose health risks to people when it is breathed. This indicator can be affected by many factors:

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  • Firstly: Humidity of the room.
  • Secondly: Presence of microorganisms.
  • The level of CO2 or Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).
  • Particles in suspension (dust, spores or chemicals).
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Finally, Air treatment


The ventilation system option is the only one that can guarantee a complete indoor air quality since it reduces the concentration of CO2 inherent to the occupation of the premises and at the same time reduces the concentration of particles including viruses and bacteria that are expelled to the outside and replaced by filtered outside air free of pollutants.

The air purifier option is ideal for premises or buildings that do not have an adequate ventilation system, or companies with facilities or spaces that lack adequate ventilation systems. These purifying equipment are also suitable as a complement to ventilation in the elimination of specific contaminants, including viruses and bacteria. Finally, we recommend this post: Commercial cleaning to prevent microbes.

A final effective way to keep the air in your facility fresh is with daily cleaning. 

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