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How To Clean A Bathtub

How to clean a bathtub

Cleaning a bathtub may seem complicated, and it is, but it is very important to do it properly to avoid the proliferation of germs, to find out how to clean a bathtub keep reading this article. We hope it will be useful for when you need it.

Tips for cleaning the bathtub


It is essential to know some of the tips for cleaning the bathtub because sometimes a lot of dirt can accumulate due to water droplets left on the surface or due to an excess of humidity, due to accumulated soap residues. With these tips you will only need certain ingredients or products that you can easily find in the supermarket or, most probably, that you already have at home.


  • Baking soda

Baking soda will help keep your bathtub white while helping to remove stains of all kinds.

– Sprinkle baking soda all over the bathtub, mainly on stains.
– Add vinegar to the entire surface and wait half an hour for both products to penetrate the stains.
– Rub the whole surface very hard with the support of a sponge and rinse the bathtub with a lot of water.

  • Vinegar

Vinegar is another of the most used products for household cleaning. 

-Mix white vinegar and warm water in a bottle, it must be the same quantities of water and vinegar. Then shake the bottle well
-Spray the bathtub with this mixture and let it act for 20 minutes. 
– With the help of a sponge or a cloth rub the solution hard in the bathtub. Then rinse and repeat the process if necessary.


Neutral soap

Neutral soap is one of the easiest products to use and is very effective.

-Mix neutral soap with warm water in a bowl, there should be more water than soap.
-Moisten a sponge and rub the surface hard.
-Rinse with a lot of water, this method is mainly for not so severe cases of stains, if there is a lot of dirt you need a more powerful method.

Hydrogen peroxide

The hydrogen peroxide is also a product very used in the cleaning of the home, and to clean a yellow bathtub it is one of the most effective resources.

-Spray the stained areas with hydrogen peroxide and wait about 30 minutes.
-Rinsed the bathtub with warm water. If you see stains that remain rub them with a strong scouring pad with a little more hydrogen peroxide.