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Essential Cleaning Products

Essential Cleaning Products

Everyone tends to buy cleaning products with very varied and specific uses that, on many occasions, are only used for such specific actions that they are rarely used again. However, a home or company should never be without a series of products. Products that have a large number of uses and that can be used for practically everything. These are the essential cleaning products, which should never be missing in the hygiene and cleaning set. Therefore, we bring you a list of essential cleaning products.

One of the most illustrative cases is that of the cloths, which constantly demonstrate their great usefulness. They are used both to dry wet items, clean glass, and to clean wet or dry surfaces, either with the help of a product or with just a little water. They can also be used for the kitchen sink, the dining room table, or the bathroom sanitary ware. Of course, the more specialized the cloth material, the more effective the cleaning will be. But there is no doubt that this product, in its standard format, should not be missing in this selection of ‘must-haves’.

There are brushes for delicate areas and for harder places, for picking up tiny particles, for large areas that need to be cleaned more quickly and effectively. They are great for very dirty environments, and for others that require simple maintenance.

Essential Cleaning Products

essential cleaning products

Another of the essential cleaning products is ammonia, thanks to its extraordinary degreasing power. So it is often used especially for cleaning the most difficult parts of the kitchen and those areas where dirt is most embedded, such as tiles, ovens, or extractor hoods. It is also very effective for removing stubborn stains from fabrics, carpets, carpeting, the floor itself, or even clothes. However, great care must be taken in its use. Because it can cause irritation or stinging in the nose and eyes if not used properly. For this reason, the best option is to dilute it in water before use and leave the room with plenty of ventilation.

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