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Chemicals To Avoid When Cleaning

Chemicals To Avoid When Cleaning

If there is one thing we overlook when cleaning is reading what is in the back of the bottle. It happens to all of us, it is normal. The CDC offers some advice on how to clean a house properly. But, when it comes to cleaning products, there aren’t a lot of guides out there. But, do not panic! We have a guide here about the chemicals to avoid when cleaning. Read those labels before buying your product and be aware of what they have. Also, if you are hiring a cleaning service, ask them about these. If they have them, you might want to look for a different cleaning service.


Thankfully, a lot of companies have removed this chemical from their cleaning products. Yet, some companies that are starting might be unaware of this and buy products that contain it. If this chemical isn’t treated carefully it can cause a lot of harm. Things like nausea, coughing, and more. It is definitely one of the worst out there.

Chemicals To Avoid When Cleaning


Such as sodium lauryl or Laureth sulfate. These ones can be found on a lot of cleaning products. But, you can also find them on dish soap, cleaners, and a lot of other cleaning products. While these ones do not harm the human body as the former, they are made of petroleum. They harm the environment and are not the best ones to use.

Chemicals To Avoid When Cleaning Your Home

Artificial Fragances

While a lot of people want their house to smell good, they do not realize the harm these ones do. Especially the artificial ones. Most of them are filled with toxic chemicals. And while we do not feel it in the beginning, a long exposure can hurt. If you want some fragrances, opt for natural ones instead. They are a lot better.
If you are cleaning or other people are, make sure they stay away of these chemicals to avoid when cleaning. Doing so will ensure your cleaning will be safe and good for everyone.

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