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How To Properly Clean Windows

How To Properly Clean Windows

As the days go by, the windows of the house or office accumulate dust. Also, dirt, pollution and rain, fingerprints, and a large number of stains. Cleaning them is a task that can become tedious. Because on many occasions some remains or a scratch obscures all the work done. Fortunately, there are many remedies, some homemade and others not so much. To solve this and to be able to enjoy totally spotless windows. Read on to learn how to properly clean windows.

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First of all, what you have to do to have clean and transparent windows is to clean the window frame itself. Because, if you do it later, it would release dirt towards the glass. On which you would have just worked, making all the work done unnecessary. For this phase, just apply a damp cloth wrung out. If the frame is made of wood, or with a mixture of soap and water if it is an aluminum one.
When it is time to get to the bottom of the glass, one of the most used tricks is to mix water with a little vinegar. Hence creating a preparation that degreases the glass and also gives it shine. So, it is highly recommended to erase the typical handprints. And, to make it even shinier, you can combine white vinegar with ammonia and water. Quickly achieving a great effect.

How To Properly Clean Windows

how to properly clean windows
how to clean my windows

Once this is done, it isn’t recommended to use lint-free cloths for drying, as this would make the glass dirty again. The ideal is to use a microfiber cloth because this material provides greater cleanliness and shine on any glass surface without leaving any type of residue.

Once you’re finished it is only necessary to remove it and dry it with the rubber of the utensil. Precisely, this rubber is the most important part of the glass cleaner, since it is the one that is in direct contact with the surface. And, therefore, determines to a great extent the level of cleanliness and brightness that is achieved. Now you know how to properly clean windows. Remember to follow our blog for more home cleaning tips and call us with any questions you may have.