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Autumn Cleanup Guide

Autumn Cleanup Guide

 Once summer ends, it’s time to prepare the house for colder weather. 

As the temperature drops, you will be spending a lot more time indoors. Therefore, it’s important to clear out the remnants of summer and get ready for autumn. After all, a clean and decluttered home will make your time indoors more enjoyable. Follow this Autumn Cleanup Guide to get your home ready.

Prep your home for the weather changes ahead by returning functionality to your spaces. As a result, you’ll be able to unwind comfortably in the looming colder months. Create your first fall cleaning checklist of the year with our simple guide. Whether you decide to cozy up for fall or host a gathering, get your home in tip-top shape in no time.

Autumn Cleanup Guide

Clear out all rooms

Before you do a general clean-out for fall, it’s important to prepare items for storage. To start, collect any and all summer items that you won’t be using for the next few months. This includes summer clothes, beach towels, fans, etc.

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Organize storage spaces

After sorting through everything, organize every storage area in your home. This includes and is not limited to kitchen and bathroom cabinets. If you’re having trouble with storage, you might have too much stuff. Therefore, it might be time to donate or sell items you no longer use. While it can be a challenge to get rid of beloved items, having less stuff means having less to clean.

Simplify your closet

In addition to maximizing living areas, prepare your closet for the next change in weather. Deciding what you will wear in the coming months will save you time and closet space. We recommend that you store summer clothes in vacuum bags. This way, they will take up very little space and won’t get damaged or dirty. However, wash the summer closet before storing it. Equally important, dust the shelves and drawers before storing any clothes.

Clean ceilings, walls, and ventilation ducts. 

Many times, people overlook cleaning ceilings and walls. In the summer months, homes accumulate dust, dirt, cobwebs, and other allergens. Therefore, it is important to use a duster on ceilings and walls. Specifically, it is important to focus on ceiling corners, light fixtures and vents. It is crucial to clean vents in the fall because it will save money on heating.

Freshen sheets and fabrics.

Allergens also accumulate on sofa covers and cushions, as well as on curtains. Therefore, it is necessary to wash all these items. This will allow your home to remain cozy. Consequently, it will minimize indoor allergy symptoms.

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