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House Cleaning Schedule

House Cleaning Schedule

The year is advancing faster than we thought. It seems that as time passes this is more frequent. For homeowners, time is of the essence. Every day we deal with our work, taking kids to school, cooking, shopping, and more. Cleaning is one of those chores we need to do as well. However, with all the previous things to do, it might be hard. Today we bring you a house cleaning schedule that you can do throughout the year. This is the best way to organize your cleaning and fit this task into your day-to-day activities.

Every Day Cleaning

The everyday tasks are always the same and we do them without even noticing. Such tasks are making the bed, doing the dishes, and wiping down the kitchen after cooking. Other tasks are doing laundry as often as you need to. Sanitizing has become a daily task as well so it can fit on this list.

House Cleaning Yearly Schedule

Weekly Cleaning

For this, we have the things that fall in the deep cleaning category. Things like mopping, sweeping, vacuuming, and so on. Appliance cleaning is something that you can include in this time frame as well. This is because we use a lot of appliances throughout the week. So, leaving them for the end of the week is perfect.

Monthly Cleaning

For the monthly cleaning, you can do some heavy-duty cleaning now. You can begin with cleaning the vents. It is important due to all the dust build-up. Then you can move on with the light fixtures. Do not forget about the woodwork either. Check the outside deck, it needs cleaning too.

House Cleaning Schedule

Yearly Cleaning

Finally, for things to do once a year. Clean your carpet and all the upholstery. Clear out the gutters. Take care of curtains as well. The longer the time gap, the fewer things to clean. Yet, that is no reason to forget about them. Make your house cleaning schedule and start cleaning as soon as the year begins. You’ll see how easy everything will get.

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