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How To Clean Office Windows

How to clean office windows

Cleaning the windows of an office is a task that demands effort but is not essential so we let it go until we get tired of seeing the window super dirty. So come and learn how to clean office windows. Because cleaning windows is not usually anyone’s favorite task when it comes to cleaning the home. 

Basic items

Paper towels leave marks on the glass and not only that, they also leave lint, instead use microfiber cloth or newspaper as a last resort. Another important thing is the temperature of the water, it is necessary that the water is lukewarm and mixed with soap.

How to clean office windows​

Clean your window

How to clean office windows​

Pass the damp cloth and rub hard, to be more effective we should clean with 2 cloths, one to dampen and one to wipe. Weather conditions are important when cleaning windows. Always choose a half cloudy day to clean the windows, the very sunny day can cause evaporation before time.

Cleaning movements

It sounds absurd, we know, but the movement you use to clean your windows can make a real difference, so we hope that with this post on How to clean office windows you will learn what is useful for you.

Clean from top to bottom, this by simple gravity and finish with left to right movements. With these movements there will be no strange stains left on your windows. 

Clean inside and out

A little trick is to clean the inside windows with left to right movements. This is because if there are marks you will be able to easily detect which side you have to wipe again.

At the end pass a microfiber cloth to polish your window.